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The new wave of social is here - and it is powered by Web3.

Accelerate your passion to build & grow a community and closely interact with your truest fans via social tokens like never before.

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Your community. Your rules.

Anyone who has ever made a mark in history decided to break the rules, do what they want and one thing they all had in common was — a community that stood by them, no matter what. With CrowdPad, you get that community. 

Why us?

We give you a stage where you can create your unique social token to make the content you want, no algorithm nonsense, that allows you to build and grow your own community by your own rules, Al Naturalé. Or of course, join your favourite communities and participate in its growth.

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Be or discover the next big thing.

Discover and explore through all the talent that creators have to offer and join the communities of ones who vibe with you best. The next big thing is on CrowdPad, be them or be among the first to discover them. Buy creator coins and grow with your favourite creators. 

Launch your own coin and grow your community

Create a social token and voilá, you have your own world. Engage and interact with your fans, treat them to exclusive posts, events, bounties, whatever you can think of! And get this, all of this can be set up in under a minute. 


A friendly wallet made for you.

One wallet for all your needs. Your wallet is your identity.

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Create a foolproof, safe, and secure wallet with just a click to manage all creator tokens, crypto assets and any other collectibles you want. No sensitive information is needed from your end to create a wallet, your privacy is given utmost importance.

Your Feed — By You. 

Scroll through different posts by communities that you’re part of. Participate in community decisions and hear about the latest community events and bounties. You can like, share, comment and even save posts for later! 


A lot happens over chat.

Using our in-built personal and communitychat fe ature, you can easily access and talk to like-minded folks and grow your circle. Who knows, you might just find your new bestfriend or even a potential soulmate on here.

Interactive. Content-focused. Utility-driven.

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It’s time to be you, unapologetically. And it’s never been this easy. Coming soon to the palm of your hand.
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Keep Up. Don't be left out.

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